Tailgating Traditions







Summer is winding down as kids across the nation head back to school. This also means football season is here and here at Castle Peak Homes we love college football. It’s time to fill out those draft picks and start planning tailgate parties!

Tailgating is an American tradition that offers a great mix of fanatical sports fans, savory foods and ice cold drinks. Every college has their own tailgating traditions and here are a few that stand out.

  • TCU Football fans host their tailgate at Frog Alley where there is live music, live radio broadcasts, and bounce houses.
  • SMU holds its southern style tailgates on “The Boulevard” which is the main strip that runs down the center of campus. Students dress to the nines and enjoy a parade of the band and cheerleaders that lead football fans to Ford Stadium come game time.
  • Ole Miss’ hosts their tailgates on The Grove while keeping things classy and sophisticated as students and alums wear their Sunday best.
  • Tennessee fans tailgate on boats off the “Vol Navy” docks on the Tennessee River to sing Rocky Top.
  • LSU Tiger fans are known for putting extra effort into pregame grub, offering up dishes like jambalaya, fogs legs, alligator and crawfish.
  • Harvard hosts a wine and cheese soiree the night before their big game against college rival, Yale.

Castle Peak wants to know: What are your favorite tailgating traditions?

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